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Licensing applications are required for many different types of entertainment and such applications can often be as contentious as applications for alcohol licences. Whether the application is for a major music festival or simply to add an entertainment activity to your licence, the application will always be closely looked at by the local Environmental Health Officers and also in many cases by local residents. It is necessary to carefully consider how the application is made and in some cases to liaise with the Environmental Health Officers prior to submitting an application, so as to include in your application the steps you intend to take to promote the licensing objectives, so as to ensure that public nuisance is prevented and public safety is paramount.

Our team is very experienced in making applications for entertainment events and will often liaise with Local Authorities in some detail before submitting applications, to ensure that the licences are granted as quickly as possible. We also have a range of consultants who we can rely on to undertake acoustic assessment reports and to assess whether particular premises will or are causing a noise disturbance to residents.

We have also worked closely with clients who have been issued with Noise Abatement Notices and who have received warning letters from the various Authorities about disturbances caused by entertainment licences and would be happy to help and advise in these situations.

Please contact Chris Rees-Gay on 07809 708156 or if you would like further information.