The Woods Whur training department has grown over the years in tandem with our success as a licensing practice. Initially our training was delivered by Paddy Whur and Carole Collingwood who both bring 15 years experience in training for Liquor/Entertainment, Gambling and Taxi Licensing Law.

Paddy has also been the lead lawyer in delivering training to Public Sector bodies, including Police and Local Authority Enforcement Officers. He has given training to elected members in Newham, Warrington, Portsmouth, Wakefield and West Yorkshire as well as training Trading Standards officers on the correct approach in dealing with underage sales.

Paddy trained the rapid response unit for The London Borough of Newham comprising of multiagency enforcement officers whilst providing ongoing support. In addition he has trained members, and newly elected members setting and marking exams allowing them to become active members of the licensing committee.

As a company we are always looking to improve our service to our clients and with this in mind we have now expanded our training division to provide regular public training courses throughout the UK. Woods Whur now delivers licensing courses nationally through our very successful relationship with Innpacked training.

Innpacked are one of the UK’s leading national training providers for the Licensed and Hospitality sectors, they specialise in both designing and delivering a wide variety of comprehensive workshops and courses, expertly crafted for those working in these exciting industries.  

The most popular course they offer is the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH). This course pertains to the qualification required in order to obtain a Personal Licence, which is necessary for those who require the authority to supply or to sell alcohol on a licensed premises. They also offer a wide array of other products and services, such as accredited Food Safety, Health and Safety, Fire Safety and First Aid Training courses.


All courses can be delivered in various formats including on-line or at your own venue. So, if you would like to book a course or have any questions, please call us on 08000 786 056, email: or click on the link below to see all Personal Licence course dates throughout the UK and course options.  

APLH Courses


Training is a large section of ensuring your premises is compliant with all laws surrounding Food Safety and Health and Safety. Our training division provided by Innpacked training specialise in all aspects of compliance courses. There are a wide range of different qualifications Innpacked can deliver covering all levels. You are required by law to provide adequate training to your staff ensuring that they are compliant.

Compliance Course