Review by Professor Roy Light

Professor Roy Light reviews Manchester on
Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Law – 3rd Edition –

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Manchester on Alcohol & Entertainment Licensing law

Colin Manchester’s book, written in association with Jeremy Allen and Susanna Popplestone, quickly established itself  as the best of the new volumes that accompanied the coming into force of the Licensing Act in 2005. It has stood the test of time and is now into a third edition. The title has changed to reflect the fact that Jeremy and Susanna have not been involved in this latest edition and the book is dedicated to the memory of Jeremy Allen who died last year.

It is an even weightier tome than before, running to some 200 more pages but on good quality, lighter paper so that its volume remains much the same. Following the format of the previous book it remains accessible and easy to read and navigate. It is a superbly produced and scholarly work that once again combines keen academic rigor with a penetrating practical analysis. It offers a balanced view of contentious issues, carefully weighing and assessing competing viewpoints. Produced by Woods Whur Publishing, Leeds (ISBN 978-0-9572677-0-1) it is at £79 excellent value and an essential tool for anybody involved in alcohol and entertainment licensing law (