Taxi Licensing

The licensing of Private Hire Taxis and Hackney Carriage Licences is the most antiquated and complicated area of licensing law. This is reflected by the number of pieces of legislation which covers the regulation of taxis. This is further complicated by the need to licence the driver as well as the vehicle. Legislation varies between London and the provinces. There are local policy nuances which need to be understood to successfully navigate the licensing process.

The mixture of legislation leads to various applications having to be made before licensing committees at local authorities with some appeals to the Magistrates and others to the Crown Court. This has provided for the most fertile area of challenge in the High Court and Court of Appeal. It is therefore often essential to have advice and specialist representation in contested hearings.

Paddy heads up the Taxi Licensing Department and has a unique perspective to bring to representation of private applicant clients and Public Sector bodies on appeal. He has used his Higher Rights of Audience to successfully represent Authorities such as Hereford and Warrington Councils on Appeals in both Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts where he has been successful in recovering costs after defending appeals brought against their decisions. He has also successfully represented individual applicants before licensing committees.

In addition to representing parties in contested hearings he has also undertaken training for regulatory committee members and council enforcement officers, as well as sitting as their legal advisor in contested hearings in high profile cases.

It is important not to be overcome by the levels of legislation and case law involved in taxi licensing and regulation and steer a careful course through them.

Woods Whur have been instructed to represent Uber in a series of prosecutions and appeals brought against the company.

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