Anna Mathias

Anna Mathias had a huge impact at Woods Whur, whilst she was with us, and since she left us far too soon. Everyone at Woods Whur was devastated at the loss of such a fabulous work colleague and friend. Anna filled the office with her own special personality, always bubbly and vibrant, a truly special person.

We all wanted to dedicate a page of our website to Anna’s memory as she will always be a part of Woods Whur.

We were delighted when Anna agreed to join us in February 2015 as Andy and I had known, respected and liked her for many years. Even when she was on the other side of cases, she was fair and decent and we held her in the highest of regards.

Very soon after she joined us, we realised that we were very lucky. Not only was Anna a superb technical lawyer, an immensely hard worker who was loved by her clients she was, most of all, a beautiful kind-hearted person that lit up our office. Her eccentricities helped to make her an even more special person to be around. Turning up for a meeting with me at Kings Cross with Poppy Terrier on a lead, getting on the wrong train home after her 50th Birthday celebration….and ending up staying the night in Harrogate, are just a few examples of her unique and loveable character.

You only needed to talk to her clients to realise how respected she was within her circle. Some very emotional conversations made us realise how her personal approach and professionalism had touched the lives of many within our industry. As time passes the memories stay with us and she is always talked about with huge fondness.

We will always remember her reaction when we won the Yorkshire Legal Awards Best Niche Law Firm in October 2017. She was genuinely ecstatic and the natural representative for the group photo, and she danced the night away.

It will never quite be the same at Woods Whur without our lady in red.