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Are your Door Supervisors Compliant?

Whether you are in the alcohol industry or the gambling industry, many operators have a requirement on their premises licences for SIA trained door staff. All operators will be aware of the difficulties there have been in recruiting, due to the pandemic, Brexit and furlough, which have contributed to real recruitment issues in this sector. With this in mind can you as an operator be certain that your door supervisor is fully trained and has the correct accreditations.

It has been reported to us that there is an issue with non-compliant security providers suppling into the hospitality sector, and obviously it is the premises licence holder that is responsible to ensure that they meet the conditions on his premises licence. This would normally be: “the provision of SIA Trained Door Supervisors”.

As with all areas of an operation, due diligence is required and should be undertaken in relation to your security provider. Please see below the following checklist of steps to consider when employing a security provider.

  • Are they registered as an approved contractor through the SIA?
  • What insurance policies do the provider have, are they appropriate to your operation?
  • Do they screen and vet all of their security staff to the appropriate standard?

The above are a few basic steps that operators should consider when taking on a security provider to ensure that they have a trustworthy door staff working at their premises. This is particularly important when many premises will be taking on extra door supervisors over the Christmas and New Year period.

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