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Gambling Commission announces that all online operators to use GAMSTOP incentive

This will allow self-exclusion to be monitored by operators much more effectively and ensure that its policies reflect this change.

Gamstop has been developed for the online sector and will make it simpler for not only operators but also consumers. A lot of operators already use Gamstop but this change by the Gambling Commission makes it compulsory for all operators to use the same system to ensure consistency throughout with the objective of protecting consumers against harm associated with gambling.

Neil McCarthur, Gambling Commission Chief Executive, says: “Operators must do everything they can to minimise the risk of gambling related harm. That is why we expect the industry to create safe products, know their customers, understand what they can afford to gamble with and identify when they are experiencing harm and step in.”

This is a clear message from the Gambling Commission regarding socially responsible expectations in particular relating to harm caused by gambling.

If you would like to discuss these changes with the team please do not hesitate to contact Andy Woods or Sarah Frow on or 0113 234 3055.