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Important changes for Gambling Operators

In this article Andy Woods looks at some important changes that will impact on all gambling operators in Great Britain having recently been introduced by the Gambling Commission, as well as looking at the DCMS conclusions regarding key proposals set out in the white paper.


A) 16th May 2024

On the 16th May 2024 DCMS published its conclusions on certain proposals which will impact on land based operators which can be summarised as follows:-

  1. 1968 Act converted casinos will be allowed to increase total gaming machine entitlement proportionate to their size and non-gambling area, with the maximum number of category B gaming machines permitted increasing from 20 to 80 if they meet the size requirements in 2005 Act casinos.
  2. This will only be implemented in casinos with a maximum gaming machine to table ratio of 5 : 1 for 1968 Act casinos and small 2005 Act casinos.
  3. Permitting all casino premises to provide betting services which were previously restricted to 2005 Act casinos.
  4. Adult Gaming Centres and bingo halls to be allowed a ratio of 2:1 category B to category C and D gaming machines where devices are of a comparable size.
  5. Removing the prohibition on the direct use of debit card payments on gaming machines subject to the introduction of appropriate play protection measures.
  6. Introduction of a legal age limit of 18 for low stake cash out category D style gaming machines.
  7. Raising the current fee cap that Licensing Authorities may charge for Premises Licence in England and Wales by 15%.


It is likely that DCMS will implement all changes through Parliament, except those related to cashless payments, this year.


B) 3rd June 2024

The Gambling Commission announced  as part of its summer 2023 consultations that the requirement to hold a PML is expanding to include any roles involving AML and counter terrorism, as well as any individuals who hold positions such as Chair of the Board or CEO. This will take effect from 29 November 2024, however applications can take several weeks to be determined.


C) From 1st July 2024

From the 1st July 2024 the LCCP will be amended to require all licensees to submit regulatory returns on a quarterly basis, within 28 days of the end of each quarterly period, and further information is available on the Gambling Commission website.  The Gambling Commission state that in order to make this transition work for all operators, the end date of all regulatory returns with a period which currently contains the 30th June 2024 will be changed to end on the 30th June 2024, so that the new reporting period starts on the 1st June 2024.  Log in to e-services – operator to ensure that returns are submitted.


D) Reminder of other changes announced in Early May



The above two changes which are being implemented immediately highlight the importance of all operators keeping up to date with Gambling Commission communications. There is no doubt that the Commission will be checking whether those holding management positions set out in the link above have obtained PML’s and it goes without saying that the importance of submitting correct regulatory returns on time cannot be overstated.  I will keep everybody updated with the implementation date for the changes to machine entitlement as well as other incoming measures.