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Woods Whur saves the licence for Rah Rah Room at Piccadilly

Woods Whur have been instrumental in saving the premises licence for Rah Rah Room in Piccadilly. After allegations of violence and disorder in the premises on New Year’s Eve, Westminster Police made an application for an expedited Summary Review of the premises licence for Rah Rah Room.

Woods Whur were instructed to challenge the application for suspension of the premises licence at the Interim Steps hearing which was not successful. An application was made for representations against those Interim Steps which again was not successful and the police applied for revocation of the premises licence at the final review hearing. Philip Kolvin Q.C was instructed by Woods Whur to represent the premises licence holder at the final hearing.

We are delighted to announce that we were able to persuade the Licensing Authority not to revoke the premises licence after a very lengthy hearing on Friday of last week.

“This is the first time in Westminster that a revocation has been avoided after a premises licence has been suspended at the Interim Steps stage of expedited review proceedings. We are also delighted that we were able to persuade the Licensing Authority not to reduce the hours of operation at the venue, remove any of the permitted activities or add overly onerous conditions to the premises licence. This means that the premises do not have to change their style of operation”, Andy Woods, Partner of Woods Whur Solicitors.

This has marked a phenomenal start to the New Year at Woods Whur. We have been successful in defending two appeals for the London Borough of Newham, with costs in full awarded against the unsuccessful Appellants on dismissal of the appeals. Following on from those cases, the decision in the Rah Rah Room case has meant that 2017 has started as 2016 finished with the fabulous outcome in the Fabric case.