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Woods Whur solicitors advises London Borough of Newham on the Olympic Stadium

Woods Whur solicitors advise the London Borough of Newham as the Olympic Stadium looks to a new premises licence for the sale of alcohol and provision of entertainment.

I am delighted that the London Borough of Newham has instructed me to offer legal advice as they consider a new application for a premises licence to allow the sale of alcohol and provide entertainment at the Olympic Stadium.

This is truly an iconic venue and it is hard to believe that it is already four years since those amazing golden Olympic moments in the stadium.

I was first instructed five years ago by the Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, to conduct a review of policies and procedures in Newham for licensing applications and procedures. Since then, I have gone on to deliver my report, conduct training to elected members and officers and advise the sub-committee on Licensing Act 2003 applications and Gambling Act 2005 applications. In addition, I have represented the Borough on appeals at Thames, Stratford and Waltham Forest Magistrates’ Court and also in the High Court on two occasions.

It is one of my most prized client relationships and has provided me with one of the best working environments over the past 25 years during which I have specialised in Licensing Law … and sometimes the most challenging.

It is fair to say that the Borough has its own challenges and was one of the first in the country to include off-licences in its Cumulative Impact Policy, due to problems surrounding street drinking and the sale of high ABV alcohol.

I am looking forward to the panel hearing in May of this year and it is fantastic that the regeneration continues the Olympic legacy in Stratford and the wider Borough.

London Borough of Newham Enforcement Manager Sheila Roberts said, “Paddy and Woods Whur have been our lead licensing solicitors for the last five years. Paddy has advised panels as legal advisor, represented us in appeals before the Magistrates Court and successfully defended our robust licensing stance in the High Court on two occasions. In addition, he has provided regular member and officer training which is always well received. He has provided a free telephone advice and support service to our officers whenever required which is hugely beneficial when dealing with urgent enquiries. A key value of the professional relationship is that he is very quick to respond to our queries and has contributed greatly to the confidence and expertise that officers now have when dealing with and identifying solutions to complex and challenging licensing issues. We have had a significant run of success in Magistrates Courts appeals, winning costs; and have accepted advice from Paddy to compromise certain appeals with a contribution to our costs by appellants. The most important feature is it feels like he is one of the team and we value his balanced judgement and advice.”

Here’s hoping that the Borough continues to flourish, along with its strategic relationship with Woods Whur.