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Changes to the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP)

The Gambling Commission are often consulting on a number of topics which concern the gambling sector and we always encourage our clients to regularly keep up to date with open consultations that may affect their operations and provide responses to any consultations where they can.

One of the big calls to evidence and consultations this year was that of the use of credit cards for gambling, and you may well have seen media coverage of this in the news too.

At the time of writing, there are no Gambling Commission consultations open however we await responses to the following closed consultations and calls to evidence:

  • Gambling with credit cards (closed on 06 November 2019)
  • Test House framework development consultation (closed 31 October 2019)
  • Gambling Commission calls for evidence on Category B gaming machines (closed 16 May 2019)

The Gambling Commission consultation for either banning or limiting the use of credit cards for gambling will have a wide impact on the entire gambling sector. Following the call for evidence the Gambling Commission have learnt that there are risks of harm associated with using them however it also confirmed that not all credit card gamblers are problem gamblers therefore they want to minimise the impact on any changes following the consultation.

The data indicates that credit cards are a more popular method of payment than overdrafts and loans. It is thought that those at risk of harm from using credit cards may be harmed by using overdrafts and loans to gamble with similar financial consequences. Over 20% of online gamblers are likely to be experiencing negative consequences from gambling, according to the call for evidence leading to negative consequences.

Risks associated are significant enough to cause harm therefore the Gambling Commission seek to either ban or restrict use of credit cards.

In respect of current confirmed upcoming LCCP changes, these include the 01 January 2020 when the gambling operators have to donate to a list of bodies provided by the Gambling Commission, rather than not being stipulated as was the case previously. Following the Gambling Commission consultation on credit cards, it is likely we will see further LCCP changes around April time 2020.

We will be continuously reporting on any changes to the LCCP and urge those in the gambling sector to keep up to date with developments.

If you want to know more about the LCCP changes and how you, as an operator, can ensure you keep compliant please do not hesitate to contact us.